Here’s my humble opinion on the CCP exhibit that got shut down.

For me, Politeismo is merely the artist’s representation of what he sees in this country. No one can take that away from him because that is his OWN opinion. For us, Catholics, it is only natural to get offended by what he did to the religious images in his artwork. But before reacting violently against the artist, we must also take a step back and take a look at the WHOLE artwork. Have you actually seen its entirety or have you just seen excerpts from news reports? Because honestly, Philippine news channels have to work on the ideal of being unbiased. Even if you are a Catholic news anchor, it is your job to disregard your own opinion and deliver impartial news. If you want to express your own opinion, be an artist.

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Here are 2 of my pieces at our recent exhibit, entitled Lost.


Recently, I’ve been saying yes impulsively to things that come unexpectedly. Oddly enough those “yeses” ended up being really FUN!

1. Home Tutoring

2. TV Guesting


Maybe MBW is a collaboration between Fairey and Banksy. I can see both their styles in MBW’s artwork. Maybe they did it because they want to take the price tag away from their artworks, they wanted to do something to keep street art the way it was. No pricetags, doing street art for the sake of street art.

With the Disneyland scene as a clue, I think MBW is their white knight (as in the movie The Dark Knight), so they can keep doing what they’re doing. MBW may be the only way for them to stay anonymous as street artists.

edit: On second thought, maybe Fairey and Banksy are opening their doors for unknown street artists and helping them make profit as MBW?

Either way, I enjoyed watching Exit Through the Gift Shop. Fiction or not.

I think it’s an overused title but I used it anyway, I’m really bad with titles. I joined a contest in SM Marikina entitled “Fashion Shoe” hehe (I guess they had a hard time with the title too). Thank you Ramon for recovering my deleted photos in my CF card!! I thought I lost the pictures forever. It was the only proof I had that I made something like this because as part of the competition rules, win or lose, they get to keep your submission.

For the longest time, I really wanted to paint on shoes which are not sneakers or made of canvas but haven’t had the time to do so. When I heard about the contest through my classmate, Ed, I didn’t think twice and joined immediately. I thought of it as a booster to get started on the project already. Last Saturday was the judging but I lost —the other contestants were really good. Huhu. But I also thought it was a good thing joining the contest because now I know that I can pursue that idea and make more hand-painted shoes! Yaaay! Hehe

*Parang gusto ko na rin mag-boots, ok rin pala oh!

The people at PNOC are sweet, this morning I got an email from them of the awarding. This is the “wacky” photo with their president, Mr. Tony Cailao, National Artists Abueva, and Imao. What more could you ask?

Happy & thankful

We were asked to create a different form out of an existing wooden form and another surprise wooden form from our professor. I bought a broken chair (its back rest gone) from a nearby Japanese surplus shop at Php 50.00. Our professor provided us with a spooled wooden piece from railing/fence.

As you can see, the finished product is a kiddie rocking chair/horse. Had fun doing it even though I spent so much time sanding. One of the ‘major major’ rules is that the original forms must be unrecognizable.  I wish I took a photo of the original forms before starting so I can post a before and after.

*photo from Prof. Rey Concepcion
**I added the cheesy rainbow for effect hehe

Woohoo! Just got news last night that I won semifinalist at this year’s Art Petron. Eventhough I’m just a semifinalist, it just lifted my spirit after what happened to the other competition. Next year, I will make sure that I do better. I hope there’s still Art Petron next year, they give Abueva sculptures as trophies to the Grand Prize winners. Sweet! Here’s my piece:

There’s still a lot that I could’ve done, and I hope to do better next year. Thank you Chow for submitting this to Makati for me, Papa and Tita Che for helping me re-locate, my little helpers Nina and Brian for bringing me my stuff every time I change location, Vian for putting up with open lights in our room and Ramon for listening to every whine in the process–100 versions of “Hindi na ako aabot“.