Using what we have learned about lines we were asked to create a series of three paintings, each one depicting a particular feeling.  In this one, it is the feeling of jealousy.

I made a circular image that goes darker and heavier inwards with a downward trail of leaking lines.  This is my expression of jealousy.

I am relating this painting to an anecdote I had learned from my teacher when I was in grade school.  She told us that if you grab a handful of rice grains and close your fist tightly, the rice grains would slowly escape the gaps between your fingers until you realize that there’s nothing left in your hand.

I think it’s the same thing with jealousy.  With jealousy, we tend to keep our loved one from the things that make us jealous to a point that’s suffocating.  Eventually, that action which supposedly protected the relationship becomes the culprit that slowly drives our loved one away.