Using what we have learned about lines we were asked to create a series of three paintings, each one depicting a particular feeling. In this one, it is the feeling of meditation.

I started off by masking the center of my paper.  I scratched the paper’s surface with the sharp end of a metal wire and painted everything black so that the black paint would seep in the cuts.  While the paint was still wet, I reapplied scratches to make them more prominent.  Then I removed my masking tape to reveal the white strip it has created.

The black area with scratches signify all the inhibitions, noise, and clutter that we have to separate from ourselves in order to achieve meditation.  The white strip symbolizes meditation.  A very thin line that is fairly hard to achieve, but when we get to that center, it’s a very peaceful and pure place.

In art, we call the painted area the positive space and the null area the negative space.  But in this particular painting, the negative space is the positive space.