Using what we have learned about lines we were asked to create a series of three paintings, each one depicting a particular feeling. In this one, it is the feeling of surprise.

To convey the feeling of surprise, I first had to figure out a way to give it an uncontrolled form.  If I used a brush, I could easily control my lines, more so with a ruler at hand.  So I opted to use a long piece of string as my instrument.  Dipping it in paint, placing it at the center of my paper and pulling it downward helped me achieve the look that I wanted.

I’ve read that while we’re awake and relaxed, our brains generate alpha waves.  When we’re both awake and alert, we generate faster beta waves.  So for this painting, the thinner lines signify alpha waves and the thicker lines signify the latter.  I also added paint spatters to intensify the motion the lines had created.

And as for the overall form of the painting, I made it look like it’s bursting outwards similar to confetti or champagne being opened.