Archives for the month of: September, 2009

Painting based on Nice’s picture of her cat.  I was supposed to paint Tuna, but unfortunately I had no picture of him at hand.  Luckily Nice uploaded some pictures of her cats in Facebook.  I think I made her cat’s face a bit longer.  But I think it looks like a hybrid Tuna now, so yay! Original plan was somewhat followed.

This is my first time to draw and paint an animal.  It felt great using fast brush strokes.

TahoWire Sculpture for our Materials Class.  It’s a sculpture of a Taho vendor.  We were asked to create a continuous wire sculpture, 12-15 in. high, weighing 2 kilos.  I had fun making this wire sculpture, although making it stand was not easy.

Taho2Here he is in exhibit. 🙂

Taho3Here he is in the making.