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This one’s a free plate in color. For the first time our prof let us use color! I was inspired by Mexico’s “Dia de los Muertos” or All Soul’s Day. It’s similar to ours (Philippines) but it’s more festive. They believe that in that day, their departed loved ones will walk this earth so in preparation for this, they prepare food, decorate the altars, etc. One of the iconic traditions is that they decorate skulls or “calaveras”.

This is my simple interpretation of that tradition. Surrounding the skull are marigolds which the Mexicans believe are the flowers of the dead. These flowers are thought to attract souls of the dead to the offerings. I was also attracted to the contrast between death and festivities.

I spook myself.

A free plate on value. I’m quite disappointed with what I did in this plate, first the subject is off-center. Second, it was better when I first painted on my drawing and it got worse the more that I tried to cure it. 😦

A combination of biomorphic and geometric shapes. I just had fun with the triangles and weird shapes. I didn’t get to finish this painting because the small triangles took most of my time! Had to submit it though so I would at least get a passing grade. Maybe I should finish it.

I submitted these two self-portraits as part of the final requirements for our Techniques class.  I had another one but didn’t get a chance to take a picture before I submitted it.  I was late again for class as I was rushing the other requirements!  Hehe

This was done in charcoal, on kraft paper.  I used black and white charcoal sticks. Can’t buy them in National Bookstore, a great store for art supplies is Deovir (SM North and Recto-not sure where in Recto exactly). They have the best stuff, complete art materials and cheaper than National Bookstore.