For this activity, we were asked to create something that consisted the elements of transparency, overlapping and converging parallels

I wanted to make another version of my previously submitted plate entitled “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead / All Souls Day). This time, I decided to do a collage of different materials that had different qualities.

After I had painted the skull on kraft paper, I cut out Japanese paper into circles and formed the circles into little ruffles. I then glued the ruffles overlapping each other to create a texture with a thick volume that looks similar to marigolds, which many people believe are the flowers of the dead. For the head piece, I also cut out circles and folded them in half from yellow cellophane and blue Japanese paper.  I glued them alternating so that in between the two materials, you can see that when they overlap, the colors merge and produce green.

I used lace for the collar of the skeleton’s clothing because it had small folds that looked like parallel lines. When I bent it to form a collar, it became my converging parallel lines.