I should update this blog more often. This is not painting-related but I had a blast yesterday at the Cut&Paste event. Even though I didn’t win, it was cool just to be chosen as a contestant and compete with some of our country’s best designers. Here’s my piece.

Ok, so here are some of my recent artworks (Grabbed the photos from my classmate Ed)

1. Modeling in White: For our techniques class, we were asked to bring any picture and paint our canvas all black. Then paint on our image in white. I got the picture in ffffound, but I forgot whom I should credit. To the owner of the photo, don’t worry I will not  sell this painting. I placed a tint on the woman’s skin and lips–simulating the effect on those old black and white photos. Back then, to make a colored photograph they’d literally paint on b&w photos.

2. Then at another class, we were asked to make a collage of 2 unrelated images to produce something with a new meaning. Then paint the image we had created. I chose a deer and a human.

New Meaning: Humans have always been fascinated with training animals to do the things we humans do, to think like we do. For me, as sci-fi as it sounds, what if the day comes when animals can think like us and do what we can do? When that day comes, we’d definitely be at a disadvantage because the only thing that separates us from them is the way we think. They wouldn’t need our tools, they’d be faster than us, stronger, etc.