Woohoo! Just got news last night that I won semifinalist at this year’s Art Petron. Eventhough I’m just a semifinalist, it just lifted my spirit after what happened to the other competition. Next year, I will make sure that I do better. I hope there’s still Art Petron next year, they give Abueva sculptures as trophies to the Grand Prize winners. Sweet! Here’s my piece:

There’s still a lot that I could’ve done, and I hope to do better next year. Thank you Chow for submitting this to Makati for me, Papa and Tita Che for helping me re-locate, my little helpers Nina and Brian for bringing me my stuff every time I change location, Vian for putting up with open lights in our room and Ramon for listening to every whine in the process–100 versions of “Hindi na ako aabot“.