I should update this blog more often. This is not painting-related but I had a blast yesterday at the Cut&Paste event. Even though I didn’t win, it was cool just to be chosen as a contestant and compete with some of our country’s best designers. Here’s my piece.

Ok, so here are some of my recent artworks (Grabbed the photos from my classmate Ed)

1. Modeling in White: For our techniques class, we were asked to bring any picture and paint our canvas all black. Then paint on our image in white. I got the picture in ffffound, but I forgot whom I should credit. To the owner of the photo, don’t worry I will not  sell this painting. I placed a tint on the woman’s skin and lips–simulating the effect on those old black and white photos. Back then, to make a colored photograph they’d literally paint on b&w photos.

2. Then at another class, we were asked to make a collage of 2 unrelated images to produce something with a new meaning. Then paint the image we had created. I chose a deer and a human.

New Meaning: Humans have always been fascinated with training animals to do the things we humans do, to think like we do. For me, as sci-fi as it sounds, what if the day comes when animals can think like us and do what we can do? When that day comes, we’d definitely be at a disadvantage because the only thing that separates us from them is the way we think. They wouldn’t need our tools, they’d be faster than us, stronger, etc.

I painted a picture of a Benguet Head Hunter for our final exhibit. I am always fascinated by our nation’s past and I wanted to paint it in such a way that the modern audience will be engaged. I had an idea that being headhunter, he’s like a wolf out to find his prey. So I overlayed an image of a wolf to the image of the headhunter.  I made the wolf’s eyes and ears match the headhunter’s.  Surrounding the image are gestural strokes and spatters to express his violent nature.

And yeah I got the title from that Duran-Duran song, but I also like Hole’s version of the song. 🙂

For this activity, we were asked to create something that consisted the elements of transparency, overlapping and converging parallels

I wanted to make another version of my previously submitted plate entitled “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead / All Souls Day). This time, I decided to do a collage of different materials that had different qualities.

After I had painted the skull on kraft paper, I cut out Japanese paper into circles and formed the circles into little ruffles. I then glued the ruffles overlapping each other to create a texture with a thick volume that looks similar to marigolds, which many people believe are the flowers of the dead. For the head piece, I also cut out circles and folded them in half from yellow cellophane and blue Japanese paper.  I glued them alternating so that in between the two materials, you can see that when they overlap, the colors merge and produce green.

I used lace for the collar of the skeleton’s clothing because it had small folds that looked like parallel lines. When I bent it to form a collar, it became my converging parallel lines.

This one’s a free plate in color. For the first time our prof let us use color! I was inspired by Mexico’s “Dia de los Muertos” or All Soul’s Day. It’s similar to ours (Philippines) but it’s more festive. They believe that in that day, their departed loved ones will walk this earth so in preparation for this, they prepare food, decorate the altars, etc. One of the iconic traditions is that they decorate skulls or “calaveras”.

This is my simple interpretation of that tradition. Surrounding the skull are marigolds which the Mexicans believe are the flowers of the dead. These flowers are thought to attract souls of the dead to the offerings. I was also attracted to the contrast between death and festivities.

I spook myself.

A free plate on value. I’m quite disappointed with what I did in this plate, first the subject is off-center. Second, it was better when I first painted on my drawing and it got worse the more that I tried to cure it. 😦

A combination of biomorphic and geometric shapes. I just had fun with the triangles and weird shapes. I didn’t get to finish this painting because the small triangles took most of my time! Had to submit it though so I would at least get a passing grade. Maybe I should finish it.

I submitted these two self-portraits as part of the final requirements for our Techniques class.  I had another one but didn’t get a chance to take a picture before I submitted it.  I was late again for class as I was rushing the other requirements!  Hehe

This was done in charcoal, on kraft paper.  I used black and white charcoal sticks. Can’t buy them in National Bookstore, a great store for art supplies is Deovir (SM North and Recto-not sure where in Recto exactly). They have the best stuff, complete art materials and cheaper than National Bookstore.

Painting based on Nice’s picture of her cat.  I was supposed to paint Tuna, but unfortunately I had no picture of him at hand.  Luckily Nice uploaded some pictures of her cats in Facebook.  I think I made her cat’s face a bit longer.  But I think it looks like a hybrid Tuna now, so yay! Original plan was somewhat followed.

This is my first time to draw and paint an animal.  It felt great using fast brush strokes.

TahoWire Sculpture for our Materials Class.  It’s a sculpture of a Taho vendor.  We were asked to create a continuous wire sculpture, 12-15 in. high, weighing 2 kilos.  I had fun making this wire sculpture, although making it stand was not easy.

Taho2Here he is in exhibit. 🙂

Taho3Here he is in the making.

It's Raining

Figure-Ground Perception.  Not quite sure if I got it correct.  The assignment was to show the relationship and contrast between the positive and negative space like this, this and this.  It took me quite a while to finish this work.  Being a newbie in painting, painting a pattern made me crazy!  Hehe.

I was inspired by the cats and dogs in Ramon’s house.  I was amazed at how they can live together and not chase each other or fight (like in the movies).

Still in black and white.  I’m glad we’re not yet moving on to color because I feel that there’s a lot more I should learn.